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Where Did All Your Comments Go?

I always want to be 100% open and honest to my blog readers, so when I discovered what my site did tonight, I knew I had to tell you guys exactly what happened.

This afternoon, you might've seen a glitch on the main blog page that was like "We can't load this content". When I discovered it, I just thought that it was happening on my computer. But then I got a comment about it, so I deleted the blog page and created a new one with all the same posts.

Tonight, when I went back to my blog, I noticed that the comments section was replaced with a Facebook-powered one. I knew I didn't want to have that, since many of you don't have Facebook (I didn't get it until last year, and that's only to run the Special Dolls page). I went to my editor and replaced the Facebook one with the normal one.

But the problem was, it didn't save all your other comments. So if you commented before tonight at like 7:30 pm Eastern, it wiped out your comment forever.

So, that's where your comments went, if that's what you were wondering. I love the comment section on here and while I'm sad to see all your messages from the past go, I had to do whatever it took to ensure that commenting on AGDN is safe and kid-friendly.

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