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American Girl Live Cast Announced!

The American Girl Live cast has been announced! Here's a photo of the announced cast members at the American Girl store:

The cast is below, left to right:

-Laila Drew (Damsels in Distress) as Melody/camper that owns Melody

-Shelby Lysette Miguel (Disney Channel commercial) as Nanea/camper that owns Luciana

-Orisa Gutierrez (Sesame Street) as an understudy

-Monica Poston (newcomer) as Julie/counselor that owns Rebecca

-Kelsey Pressnal (newcomer) as Maryellen/camper that owns Julie

-Mari Skoultchi (newcomer) as an understudy

-Ashley Diane (newcomer) as Luciana/camper that owns Nanea

-Jenna Bruce (newcomer) as Rebecca/camper that owns Maryellen