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More American Girl Cyber Monday 2018 Deals!

Happy Cyber Monday! I checked the page again, and it looked like more deals than the ones I found yesterday were added, so I decided to post the new ones!

-Trundle Bed and Bedding: $50

-Leggings Set: $4

-Sparkle and Shine Dress: $8

-Starburst Tee: $4

-Pink Star Jeans: $4

-Coconut Graphic Tee for Dolls: $5

-Star Skirt: $4

-Adorable Accents Souvenir: $4

-Adorable Accents Everyday: $4

-Stripes & Dots Swimsuit: $7

-Star Spangled Fan Gear: $19

-Blue Fish Tote: $4

-Lasagna Dinner Set: $12

-Festive Gingerbread House: $9

-Winter Fun Hot Cocoa and Skating Set- $8

-Winter Wishes Tiara for Girl- $4

-Milk & Cookies Set- $9

-Ashyln's Ruffles and Bows PJ Set- $10

-Camille's Stripes and Scales PJ Set- $10

-Showtime Ballet Costume- $12

-WellieWishers Charm Bracelet- $7

-Watering Can Charm- $4

-Butterfly Charm- $4

-Purple Princess Charm- $4

-Shiny Shell Charm- $4

-Little Ladybug Charm- $4

-Shooting Star Charm- $4

-Birthday Charm- $2

-Fun Fish Charm- $2

-Sunny Flowers Dress for Girls- $24

-Seaside Fun Swimsuit for Girls- $20

-Seaside Fun Shape Bucket and Tools- $11

-Luciana Mini Doll- $10

-Tenney Mini Doll- $10

-Josefina 3 Book Boxed Set- $14


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