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What Music Would've The Historical Characters Listened To?

I bet you everyone reading this right now has obviously listened to at least one song today. To be completely honest, I'm listening to music as I write this! Me and my friends have been recently been liking city pop, which is basically Japanese music from the 70's, 80's and early 90's. A thought of "would Julie have been into this stuff?" turned into "what did all the historicals listen to?" So I did some research to find out what the Historicals would've listened to!

In Kaya's culture, music is mostly used for ceremonial purposes and was played live, since recordings didn't exist back in 1764. An instrument commonly used, like today, was the drum. They made their own drums out of logs. This is a modern song from Kaya's culture based in the past:

During the Revolutionary War, music was typically used as a way to spread political ideas- so Felicity would probably be listening to a song you learned in preschool if you live in America: Yankee Doodle.

Music wasn't really common in 1812 due to the war, but Caroline's time period also brought the writing of that one song you hear before every sporting event if you're an American: yes, the National Anthem.

Music also wasn't common in Josefina's world, but girls were learning how to play the piano like her- and all the way in New York, a Spanish girl, Maria Garcia, became a Broadway star!