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Blaire Wilson Bundle Deals

Haven't gotten American Girl's 2019 Girl of the Year, Blaire Wilson, yet? Want new things for your Blaire doll's collection? Now's the time! From now until May 5, people who got emailed with codes can choose between 6 different Blaire-themed bundles to get for a discount: $150 for collections that come with the doll and $80 for those that come without! Here's a list of the discounts:

Without the doll:

-Blaire's Farmyard Animals Collection (Blaire's Lamb, Blaire's Piglet and Blaire's Garden)

-Blaire's Outfit Collection for Girls (Blaire's Meet Dress and Bag for Girls)

-Blaire's Outfit Collection for Dolls (Blaire's Floral Flair Outfit, Blaire's Pajamas and Blaire's Celebration Outfit)

With the doll:

-Blaire Doll and Pajama Collection (Blaire doll, Blaire's Pajamas for Dolls and Girls)

-Blaire Doll and Garden Collection (Blaire doll, Blaire's Gardening Outfit and Blaire's Garden)

-Blaire Doll and Gardening Collection (Blaire doll, Blaire's Gardening Outfit and Blaire's Gardening Accessories)

These seem cool, but I have at least two things from every set except for the girl's clothing set- and since I'm a full-fledged teenager, I can barely fit in children's clothes- it's not fun being an adult small wearing real bras when you're an American Girl fan. (RELEASE MORE ADULT CLOTHES AMERICAN GIRL PLEASE AND THANK YOU!) Hopefully everyone who doesn't have some of these things gets a chance to save, though!

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