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2 Wholesome American Girl Stories!

The Internet got blessed with 2 wholesome stories involving American Girl dolls recently! Here they are:

1. A nine year old Denver girl named Clare left her Bitty Baby, Layla, in a pedicab after a baseball game. She was heartbroken, and while the doll couldn't be found, a bunch of Denver-area pedicab drivers rallied together to get Clare a replacement doll, stroller and gift card to the American Girl store. Now, Clare and 'Layla' are back together again!

2. A tornado in Missouri was so strong that it broke houses, including the house of Timothy Walker and his daughter, Storm. But Timothy didn't want it to break her spirit- so he went into the remains of his daughter's room and GOT HER AMERICAN GIRL DOLL FOR HER. #DadGoals!

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