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American Girl Summer Release Sneak Peek!

I guess my working session for my secret project isn't happening tonight- AGOverseasFan posted a sneak peek of the new summer release! Here's the new items she shared:

These are the 2 new Truly Me dolls! The top is 81 and the bottom is 82. They are both so cute and I'm so excited to get them on Saturday! I'm going on Saturday because I normally go to AG on Saturdays and it would be stupid to go on Friday and Saturday. I'll name 81 Morgan after Morgan Stark from the MCU and Morgan Berry, a voice actor who I met at the convention I went to. I'll name 82 Stella just because she looks like one!

Anyways, here's more of the new stuff she shared!

One word: AMAZING! I love all the new stuff so far and can't wait for Friday (the release) and Saturday (when I go get my new girls)! Let's hope tomorrow flies by fast...

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