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American Girl Full 2019 Summer Release

WE MADE IT! After five months and two weeks, AG has finally released new stuff. To be completely honest, I couldn't sleep- it's 3 am as I type this. But I'M SO EXCITED! WAHOO!


This is Truly Me 81!

This is Truly Me 82!

Here's all the new furniture and accessory sets. The prices are in the gallery.

Now, the clothing!

Overall, this was a pretty solid release. I give it an 8/10, mostly because of repeated themes and color choices that weren't the best, but I liked this release's creativity with the sets and the dolls are cute, too!

P.S: AGDN previously reported that #62 and #26 will be retiring with this release. They're still available on the site, though. I'll see if they're there when I go to the AG store tomorrow!

P.P.S: And just like that, #19, #21 and #35 are gone. Rest in peace, girls.

P.P.P.S: It is now 3:54 am as I finish typing this. I'll either take a 2 hour nap or mess around for 2 hours before going to camp!

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