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Girl Of The Year 2020 Books Listed!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

The Girl of the Year 2020 books are listed for release on December 26, 2019 on Georgetown Publications' website! There's no author attached as of yet, but I have the ISBN numbers so I can easily search up the information when it shows up!

Like Blaire, there are 2 books. I like that they're switching back to the 2 book thing, because while some Girl of the Years deserved all 3 books (and to be honest, I still want Gabriela book 4 even though it'll never happen), others didn't... for example, were To The Stars, Isabelle or Lea and Camila REALLY necessary?

I can't believe that the year's almost over! In the anime world, there's a 12-week season of shows for each time of year- winter, spring, summer and fall- and the summer anime season's already halfway over... which means GOTY 2020 will be coming REALLY SOON!

What do you hope for her to be like?

P.S: Thanks for all the nice feedback on the Rebelle announcement yesterday! I'm so excited to make it- I promise it'll be worth the wait!

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