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Why The American Girl Doll Pool Is Useless

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE American Girl. But sometimes, they don't do the smartest things in the world. Like, for example, making a pool.

Sure, it's a cute idea for little kids to play pool with their dolls. But for stopmotions and photoshoots, it's not the best thing. It's not even optimal for playtime! You might be wondering: why? But the reason is something literally all American Girl doll fans, whether veteran collectors or people who just got their first doll yesterday, know NOT to do.


Why would you need a pool for dolls that can't swim at all? Sure, there's kayaks and surfboards and stuff, but for those things, kids could just use their imaginations or collectors and filmmakers could use a blue sheet or something to be 'water'. But swimming in a fake pool wouldn't cut it for photos or videos, and even worse, it might encourage sm0l little kids to fill up the pool and get their dolls wet, costing them a trip to the doll hospital- or the trash.

Therefore, the American Girl doll pool... wasn't the smartest move AG has ever done.

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