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American Girl Doll Of The Year 2020: Theories Based On Competitors

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

I can't believe summer's almost over! My sister's going to college tomorrow, and I'm starting high school in 10 days- I'm so sad, but at least I'm spending the last days of summer in the best way I can: rewriting the script for Rebelle! I'm having so much fun, but I haven't felt this much emotion while writing a movie... I think this will be my best one yet!

Anyways, with the end of summer drawing near, it means that we'll be finding more about the Girl of the Year 2020- who's supposedly Joss Kendrick- REALLY SOON! I don't like waiting that much, though... so when I saw that Our Generation and My Life As released new stuff, I decided to check their releases out and look at common themes to try to crack the code of GOTY 2020!

I did the same thing last year, and it turns out that I predicted Blaire's love of gardening, animals and cooking- as well as the Truly Me bowling set. So here it is: the post we'll probably be looking back at in 2020 and noticing what theories were correct!


-Pets and dog training

-Movies/directing (OG, are you copying a Special Doll that HASN'T CAME OUT yet? buy a special doll at please... ok that was self promo)


-One science set







-Making videos



-Science (more prominent in MLA than OG but still)



Okay, so this is what I'm thinking from everything: a doll that is somewhat interested in making videos who goes somewhere with a pet. If we think of my theory from December (which is #1 when you look up Girl of the Year 2020 as of the time I'm writing!), this place might be Japan... and since I love filmmaking, my dog and anime- this would be PERFECT!

What are you excited for in 2020? I'm hyped to see the Girl of the Year like usual, but I really hope we get a new historical, and I'm also excited for the movies Black Widow, Violet Evergarden and, of course, Rebelle. It's also a leap year, so the extra day will be cool- and I hope more gets done on my TV show!

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