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Every American Girl Doll Movie Trailer!

I decided to take a little trip down memory lane and rewatch every American Girl movie's trailer! Here's every one of them, as well as my thoughts from rewatching them now:

Samantha: An American Girl Holiday (2004) was the first American Girl movie. This commercial was for its premiere airing on the now defunct network The WB.

My Thoughts: This is FOREVER iconic, but this trailer (and all the other trailers) could've done without that annoying announcer.

Felicity: An American Girl Adventure (2005) also has a similar WB promo video. This was the last AG movie to premiere on the network, as it shuttered nearly eight months after the movie premiered.

My Thoughts: This trailer gave away ALL of book 1. Are the trailer editors kidding me? Also, it was ironic how they kept on saying "the tradition lives on" when the WB didn't even survive another year ;)

I couldn't find a traditional trailer for Molly: An American Girl on the Hom