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American Girl Deal of the Day Day 3!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

We're on Day 3 of AG's 10 Days of Deals! Today's deals feature an assortment of items from 2014-2018. Here's the deals:

20% OFF

-'Tis The Season Party Dress

-Holiday Dreams Pajamas

-Doll Decades

25% OFF

-Camille's Scales and Stripes Pajamas

-Ballet Class Outfit

-Tropical Flower PJs for Girls

-Pet Bath Outfit

-Tropical Sunglasses (from Lea's Beach Outfit)

-Fun Fish Cover Up for Girls

-Go With The Flow Outfit

30% OFF

-Ombre Ballet Outfit

-Sparkle & Spin Skating Outfit -Tea For Two Party Set

-Lovely Layers Skirt for Girls

-Zigzag Pajamas for Girls

-Puppy Print Pajamas for Girls

-Fur-rocious Pet Outfit

-Doll Sports

-Doll School

40% OFF

-City Chic Dress for Girls

-Music and Movies Entertainment Set

-Hit The Slopes Outfit

-Melody's Hairstyling Set

-Pet Ballerina Outfit

-A Year Of Slumber Parties

-School Spirit

-Design By Me: Wings

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