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American Girl Deal of the Day Day 9!

There's a bunch of really good deals today... things are up to 40% off, including a few dolls!

23% OFF

-Molly Doll, Accessories and Pajamas Collection

-Maryellen Doll, Accessories and Pajamas Collection

25% OFF

-Countdown to Christmas Set

-Terrier Puppy

-Fancy Leash Set

-Science Fair Set

30% OFF

-Pet Grooming Set

-Cheer Practice Set

-Pretty City Shoes

-Doll STEM

-Oodles of Horses

35% OFF

-Crown Pet Bed

-Gymnastics Outfit

-Fancy Holiday Dress

-Doll Celebrations

-Just Mom and Me

40% OFF

-Bitty's Rocking Cradle

-Bitty's Musical Mobile

-Warm and Fuzzy Vest for Girls

-Deer Print Dress for Girls

-Fancy Pet Outfit

-Let's Celebrate Accessories

-School of Fish Tee

-Travel in Style Outfit

-Starry Pajamas for Girls

-Desert Primrose Top for Girls

-Flower Print Pajamas for Girls

-Embroidered Nightgown for Girls

-Desert Dreams Pajamas for Girls

-Satin Pajamas

-Ashlyn's Ruffles and Bows PJs

-Pink Pajamas

-Fuzzy Fuchsia Slippers for Girls

-Coral Cuff Slippers for Girls

-Lea Leads the Way

-Styling Spaces

-Lea Dives In

-Locker Looks and Study Nooks


-Doll Hair Salon

-Shine Bright

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