A Big Surprise Announcement…

I might have a surprise for all of you...

When Rebelle turned one a few weeks ago, I surprised you with a few announcements. However, back then I had no clue that I’d do what I’m about to announce today. I even denied it a time or two. But I came up with something that I really liked, and started working at it secretly.

Today is July 8th. According to a minor detail near the end of Rebelle, today is the day (spoiler alert if you’re one of the few people living under a rock and haven’t seen the first one) the revolution overthrew the Authority. So I’ve been waiting until today to post this everywhere…


”It’s been two years since the Authority was overthrown by Kierra Mitchell and Erika Anderson. While there’s been some bumps in the road, the world has been peaceful since then. Mostly.

One day, Erika’s advisor Lexi tells the two that the Commander, the tyrannical former leader of the Authority, broke out of jail with assistance. Kierra is confident that this is just a mistake, but at the girls’ two year anniversary party, they are greeted with a message from the Commander- one that states that Erika is a bad leader and urges the 4% of the population that weren’t Servers to do something about it. Erika thinks that things will be fine, but Kierra pushes Erika to speak out against the lie. But when Kierra makes a mistake, the 4% gets angrier, and protests are held against Erika and her leadership.

Kierra and Erika must now fight off the Commander, her lies, and a bunch of angry rich people who think the old world should still be in place. A new revolution has begun- one that Kierra struggles to put to rest. But when the unthinkable happens, Kierra must test her loyalties, and her virtues, to see if she really is a good bodyguard- of Erika, and of the entire world’s peace.”

To be completely honest, this won’t release for a while. I just started the script two weeks ago, and I’m entering eleventh grade as well, plus hopefully doing some assistant directing for school theater, so I’ll be busier than I was when I was making the first movie. I promise it will be worth the wait, though!

Who‘s excited? Leave a comment (or a like, whichever you’d prefer) if you are!

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