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A Quick History of AGTube

I felt like making a quick history of AGTube just because there's so much videos and content and everything from the years that have gone by!

AGTube seemed to unofficially start in 2007, a few years after YouTube was created. Creators like starryeyeschick and xmollygirlx posted the first few videos, including the first AGSM movie, 'Annabeth'.

In 2008 and 2009, more creators kept on joining the platform, including stephenswodadancer, GirloftheYearStudios, and Basilmentos: the queens of AGTube around the early 2010's.

Over these next few years, AGTube flourished. Many trends were created, including the AGMV, AGSM movie, and AGLV series. Music in Me by GirlOfTheYearStudios, Aspen Heights by AGSmiless and Plot Twist by staticandcontraband were among the most popular series, and hit movies included literally anything by Basilmentos and Eloise and The Talent Show by Rockstar13studios, who eventually turned it into a live action film. There was even an awards show created- the Sophie Awards, which is still running today.

2015-2016 were definitely the peak of AGTube, in my opinion. AGSM movies were getting bigger and bigger (Mermaid Cove! Wildwood!), media outlets like BBC Trending did stories on AGTube, and even AG joined in with Z Crew.

Custom dolls were also a trend during this era.

Around 2017, it seemed as if AGTube was changing a bit. Less videos were uploaded, many creators left... but at the same time, more people joined and created more amazing stopmotions, like AGJitters and BoyMeetsDolls.

When YouTube started their new COPPA restrictions in 2019-20, it also marked another change for AGTube, since many videos would be affected by the comment ban and demonetization. But for me and many other AGTube creators, we will stay strong and keep on going, so AGTube lasts and everyone can enjoy lots of cool doll content!

Who's your favorite AGTuber? I love Basilmentos and Rockstar13studios, but AGJitters is becoming a favorite of mine too. And Sm0ldolls is really funny, and VioletDollies is an awesome up and coming AGTuber... they're all so cool!

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