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About Rebelle 2…

When I came up with Rebelle 2, I laughed at the concept of making a sequel. “Really self?” But then I realized that my dream is to make Rebelle into a live action movie, and having a sequel on hand will help in that dream.

Stopmotions aren’t really my thing anymore. I haven’t made one out of free will since FEBRUARY. I still love my dolls of course but I’m more of a collector now. And I felt like making a sequel in stopmotion form would kinda be the wrong path to go with my career… it would suck up months of time I could be spending making live action shorts, directing in theater, writing other screenplays or even just hanging out with all of my friends.

I hate to say this, but Rebelle 2 in stopmotion form is cancelled.

Please don’t hate me, but I had to do what was best for my career.

Thank you for everything.


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