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About That American Girl Movie...

Last month, Mattel and Paramount Pictures announced that an American Girl movie is in development - not one surrounding a specific character, like normal, but one celebrating all of the characters and the brand as a whole. When it was first announced, I made a post explaining why this was announced - again - after being previously announced in 2019 by MGM. However, long story short, MGM got bought by Amazon, and Amazon wasn't interested in pursuing the project. So Mattel went to Paramount, hoping they'd be the ones to make the American Girl movie.

Let me just say: it's not looking so good right now. Because Paramount is in talks with several buyers to change ownership.

Currently, Paramount is owned by a company called National Amusements, but they've been having some trouble lately, namely because several of the movies they released that they expected to do well in 2023 didn't perform as well as expected, and a few others that were supposed to go to theaters were sent to streaming. So, over the last few weeks, there has been rumors of another company purchasing Paramount - namely Skydance (known for co-producing several Paramount movies) and Allen Media Group (known for owning the Weather Channel).

If this sale goes through - and I will tell you if it does, then the future of American Girl's theatrical movie is in limbo again. Not only was the previous iteration of this movie killed by a sale of a movie studio to a new owner, but after Warner Brothers merged with Discovery not soon after the Corinne movie was filmed and another movie for an unknown character was announced, the Corinne movie's intended release on HBO Max and Cartoon Network was cancelled, and the unknown movie was cancelled altogether. It might work out, due to the success of Barbie's movie and the resurgence of American Girl in the cultural zeitgeist over the last two years, but I know from personal experience that sometimes, movies can get their plug pulled out of anything out of the filmmaker's control. For example, a producer was interested in talking to me about Rebelle a few months after the original stopmotion released, but his other movie got cancelled due to financing issues, and the talks fell through because of that.

So, yeah. Round 2 of trying to get an American Girl movie like this might fall apart. But it took Barbie 3 studios to get made. Hopefully third time's the charm for us too?

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