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AG Rewards Quadruple Points for Create Your Own Dolls

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@•GreatDollGalaxy• I figured out how to use the generator through Google, and it let me do a little more than the one on American girls website, but it would only let me choose one option for each choice. So I still might have to have someone help me with that one. But once I do I’ll be sure to send you the picture. I already have one created that looks like me that I can send you if you like.

Mi piace

@Always Kaya P.S. I will start an AG Club post called “Any Questions?” And you could send me the picture through the comments ;)

Mi piace

@Always Kaya I’m actually not sure! Try asking someone else, if not, I can try to figure it out but it may not work 😂

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oh darn it. I’m saving up for a cyo doll right now, but i’ve only saved up about $95, so i can’t buy one yet. sadly, I’m only 14 and too young to get a real job yet. i am saving up coins and also might become my mom’s friend’s husband’s assistant soon, but i don’t think that will help me save up much. do you know when this offer ends?

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@•GreatDollGalaxy• How do I create a doll using the google generator?

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