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AGDN Nicki and Isabel Hoffman Release Coverage Plan

Good news: Nicki and Isabel release TOMORROW!

Bad news: I have school tomorrow...

In light of that, I figured I'd let everyone know what my plan is for covering Nicki and Isabel's release here on AGDN since I have school....

  • I will have a post scheduled for as soon as Nicki and Isabel are revealed on GMA showing the dolls and their collection. This will post automatically, because I'll still be at school!

  • Since I'm a senior and this is my last semester in high school, I'll be home at 11 am EST. Then, I will put up the rest of the online content regarding the new dolls!

  • After I do that, my mom is going to take me to the Charlotte store, and I will pick up the dolls, put up an opening video, and read their journals + review them!

  • I'm also taking a day off from my film work tomorrow, so other than school, I'll have zero obligations prohibiting me from the new dolls!

Cannot wait for tomorrow!

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