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American Girl 34th Benefit Sale

The American Girl Benefit Sale sent out this email this morning:

”We're eagerly preparing for our 34th American Girl Benefit Sale.

Like last year, the pandemic continues to affect our planning: though public health is improving, we need to keep the sale online for another year.

The other major factor in planning is inventory: In 2020 we completely sold out of dolls. Since the last sale, we’ve received many high-quality dolls and will continue to receive and prepare more but we do not anticipate having as much inventory as in recent years. For those wanting to participate this year, that will likely translate into fewer tickets available to shop and lower limits on items.

American Girl has continued to be a tremendous partner and is doing everything possible to support the sale and our work. We are forever grateful for their generosity.

How the 2021 American Girl Benefit Sale will work

  • A limited number of tickets will be sold on Wednesday, August 25, 2021

  • Ticketholders will shop ONLINE ONLY on Saturday, September 25, 2021Shopping times will be assigned to ticket holders based on a random lottery, as in years past

  • Shoppers will collect their purchases using CURBSIDE PICKUP from our new warehouse location in Middleton, Wisconsin. Pickup appointments will be scheduled for weekends in October, starting on October 9 and concluding on October 24. No shipping will be offered

As ever, our goal is to allow as many families to be able to shop for great American Girl products while raising money for the museum and the other charities the American Girl Fund for Children supports. With the inventory as it stands now, tickets, limits, and discounts may be more restricted than last year; however much can change in a few short months. Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for your patronage and your patience!”

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