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American Girl April Release Part 2: Modern Items! (The Return of COCONUT AND LICORICE!)

In their new release today, American Girl released some modern items for Truly Me, as well as another outfit for Kira!

These modern items mostly revolve around animals, and a bunch of dogs and cats were released as well... including the comeback of the iconic Coconut and Licorice!

Here are the pets, which cost $30 each:

These are so cute! I love the Daffodil Doodle because she looks just like my goldendoodle Buttercup! I'm also really happy that after six years, Coconut and Licorice are finally back. I was so disappointed when Coconut retired in 2016!

There are a few miscellaneous items that correlate with a vet theme, as well as the Checkup Outfit, a veterinarian outfit for Truly Me dolls, and Kira's Adopt Don't Shop outfit advocating for animal adoption.

Unreleated to the theme of the modern release, there is also now a version of the popular Caring for Baby set featuring a Black baby doll with dark skin. The set costs $50, just like the Caucasian version.

More from the release will be posted later! I'm at school and didn't get to blog this morning (I was too busy tending to my viral TikTok with 70,000 views...), but I will hopefully finish releaseposting by tonight!

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