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American Girl April Release Part 3: Historical Items! (Nanea Finally Gets New Things!)

In their new release today, American Girl released some items for Melody, Maryellen, and for the first time since 2018, Nanea!

You guys know I am a big Nanea fan (if you couldn't tell from my glorious review of her books back in 2018 and the Rebelle prototype AGSM), so I'm extremely happy that she finally got new things! I also adore Melody and Maryellen, so I'm glad they got things, too.

These items mainly revolve around animals and nightwear, though Nanea did get a few Hawaiian beach items.

Here are the new pajamas and Nanea's updated version of her dog Mele:

Lastly, but not least, Nanea's new beach stuff:

I love this release!

By the way, guys, what format do you guys prefer for new release posts? Do you like one big post for everything or multiple smaller posts by item category?

Also, should I make a TikTok for AGDN? I've been doing really well with Rebelle on there so I figured providing AG updates there would be fun! The handle would probably be @agdnews.

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