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American Girl Claudie Wells and Makena Williams Face Comparison

I finally brought Claudie over to my doll room today and decided to take a picture of both her and Makena! Claudie and Makena are both African-American dolls who released within the past year with their own unique face molds. At first, it was rumored that Claudie and Makena would share a mold, but that turned out to be not the case!

The molds’s main difference is the width of the head. Claudie’s mold has a wider face than Makena’s, which allows for a much different look. Claudie has wider eyebrows, a chin more similar to the Classic mold, and softer face makeup. Makena has bigger eyes, more pronounced makeup, and a slimmer head. Both dolls have similar noses, which I found to be the biggest similarity between these two.

Who’s face do you like better? Claudie’s looks more “American Girl” to me, but Makena’s is perfect for her character as a modern teenager. I like both of these face molds and can’t wait to see more of them in the future!

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