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American Girl Corinne Tan Movie Behind The Scenes Photos

Yesterday was the last day of filming the upcoming American Girl Corinne Tan television movie for HBO Max and Cartoon Network. To celebrate production wrapping, and due to a request from AGDN reader Ashley Zhang, I am posting a few photos I found on Instagram of production on the Corinne movie from Miya Cech and Kai Cech, the stars of the movie!

On a production, the main actors have a trailer to get ready for their scenes. This is Miya and Kai's shared trailer!

One day on set, Miya showed up in a frog jacket.

Before they started filming, American Girl gifted Miya a Corinne doll and Kai a Gwynn doll.

This is Miya with her blue colored streaks in for the movie. With the streaks, she looks just like Corinne!

This is the clapboard on the last shot of Corinne's movie, signaling that the movie has wrapped. This was taken from the director, Angela Tortu's, Instagram.

Lastly, here's a sweet picture of Kai with the dog that's playing Flurry, Fish.

I am so excited for this movie! December can't come soon enough! Stay tuned for December, though, because I am doing something really exciting when the movie comes out. ;)

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