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American Girl Courtney Moore's Gift Sets

Like usual, there are gift bundles featuring Courtney's collections in American Girl's gift trunk program! Here are Courtney's two bundles:

Courtney's Friendship Play Pack: Care Bears PJs, Care Bears Sleeping Bag, Friday Night Fun Friendship Story Starter

Courtney's Celebration Play Pack: Courtney's Flats and Socks, Courtney's Pleasant Company Doll, Courtney's Leggings, Courtney's Splatter Print Dress, Courtney's Cropped Jacket, Courtney's Merry Early Christmas Story Starter

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I really love everything that's featured. Quick question, though. Do you think Friday Night Fun and Courtney's Merry Early Christmas gonna be original short stories or bits of her main story that would've been included in Courtney Changes the Game and/or her upcoming second book if she had debuted in Beforever?


Yesss! Im gonna buy both of these with my next gift trunk!

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