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American Girl Create Your Own: Madoka Magica Style!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I love anime- and American Girl dolls too, obviously. Last year, I made doll versions of the main characters from Sailor Moon, and today since there was nothing to blog about for the third day in a row (sigh), I decided to do the same thing with the main characters of Madoka Magica, another anime I'm a fan of. (Also, the Madoka Magica video game has been getting me through quarantine, so maybe that's another reason I did this post.)

This doll is Madoka Kaname. For those of you who don't watch the show, I'll tell you a little bit about the characters so you'll have an idea of what each doll's personality is. Madoka is a kind-hearted girl who is loyal to her friends. She doesn't see herself as much, but always wants to fight for what's right. I made Madoka with the Classic mold, light skin, pink hair in the medium, curly wig with bangs and pigtails, decal brown eyes and the Let's Create II outfit.

This doll is Homura Akemi, my personal favorite. Homura is a mysterious new girl in Madoka's class that seems protective of her and doesn't want her to become a magical girl. There ends up being a major plot twist involving her, and I cry every time I watch the episode that reveals her backstory. I made Homura with the long straight wig with bangs, brown eyes, the Jess mold, the Let's Explore II outfit and a headband.

This doll is Sayaka Miki. Sayaka goes to school with Madoka and the two are close. Sayaka likes classical music, has a crush on her childhood friend and dreams of a peaceful world, which she is committed to fighting for. Sayaka has blue hair in the anime, so I made her hair black like I did with Ami when I made my Sailor Moon dolls. I also made Sayaka with the Josefina mold, the pixie cut wig, blue eyes, light skin and the Let's Move outfit.

This doll is Mami Tomoe. Mami is a idealistic girl in the grade above Madoka and Sayaka. The younger girls look up to Mami, who is strong-willed, friendly and loves drinking tea. We don't get to see much of her due to, um, reasons. I made Mami with the Classic mold, blond hair in the medium, curly wig with bangs and pigtails, hazel eyes, light skin and the Let's Smile Outfit. In other words, literally Lanie. (Fitting, considering my Lanie cosplayed as Mami before.)

The last doll is Kyoko Sakura. Kyoko is a fierce magical girl that prefers to work alone and is Sayaka's rival. She likes video games and eating food, especially Pocky and apples. I made Kyoko with the Josefina mold, red hair in the long straight wig with bangs and a ponytail, decal brown eyes, light skin and the Let's Create II outfit.

I hope more news comes in soon... but for now, enjoy my nerdy custom dolls.

P.S: What fandom should I make custom dolls of next?

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