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American Girl Deals on Zulily

American Girl has some limited-time deals on the site Zulily! They have been up since yesterday, but I was overwhelmed with all the Courtney stuff so I didn't post it then. Sorry about that, but at least it's better late than never! Here are all the items available:

-Cooking, Liking Herself, Friendship Troubles or Digital World Smart Girl's Box: $22.49

-Tenney Grant 18 inch Doll, Tenney's Spotlight Outfit and Accessories: $149.99

-Brown Pigtail, Brown Hair, Brown Curled Hair, Brown Straight Hair or Blond Hair Truly Me Mini Dolls: $12.99

-'Stay True To The Real You' Tee: $13.29

-Julie's Bed and Bedding: $72

-Sun and Fun Outfit: $12.99

-Lilac Dress: $12.99

You can shop these items here.

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