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American Girl Doll Sapphire Splendor Sold Out Online

The Sapphire Splendor dolls have sold out online. However, they are still available at select AG stores!

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Wow! It took a lot longer this year for them to sell out. She’s actually one of my favorites. I know some people don’t think she looks Christmasy but she has really festive holiday vibes That work great for new year’s as well and she’s not generic pink (even though i adore pink)

Dec 04, 2022
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I agree, I love her! I know a lot of people don't think she's Christmasy, but she does look like a holiday doll to me. And I love pink too! I think also they made a lot more of this doll then they did in past years. (I cant remember the exact number) Probably because past dolls sold out so quickly.

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