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American Girl Herstory: World By Us Activists and Asian-American Role Models

I totally forgot about American Girl’s Herstory feature on their website! Summer 2021 was just Olympians, so I didn’t find it that interesting to post here since I like the focus on actual girls that Herstory usually brings. But Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 featured activists for World By Us and Asian-American role models for Corinne, so I’d figured I’d share their stories with you!

We’ll start with Fall 2021’s featured girls: activists making change in their communities just like the World By Us dolls!

-Naomi Walder: A 14 year old activist who spoke at the March For Our Lives rally at the age of 11, Naomi is passionate about creating outlets for women of color, especially Black women like herself, where they see themselves making change and are able to find a space for well-being- just like

Makena Williams! Naomi also advised on the World By Us doll stories.

-Edna Chavez: A 21 year old activist for immigrant rights like Maritza Ochoa, Edna has been fighting since high school to make America a better place for immigrants and spread awareness of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. Like Naomi, she spoke at the March For Our Lives rally in 2018.

-Peyton Cline: A 20 year old girl who, at the age of 15, founded the Global Minds Initiative, a student-led movement to combat discrimination in schools.

-Yasmine Mabene: A 19 year old activist for envoirnmental justice, like Evette, and the prevention of gun violence. She started a organization called Earth Uprising and advised on the World By Us doll stories.

In addition to Fall 2021’s girls, these are the multigenerational group of Asian-American women like Corinne Tan that are featured for Winter 2022:

-Alysa Liu: Alysa is a 16 year old Chinese-American Olympic figure skater.

-Mina Fedor: Mina is 13 years old, partially Korean-American, and the founder of AAPI Youth Rising, the organization AG is partnering with for Corinne. Mina was in the top 5 nominees for Time and Nickelodeon’s Kid of the Year award, but she unfortunately didn’t win.

-Ellen Kim: Ellen is a dancer and choreographer.

-Joanne Baik

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