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American Girl Historical Items Quantity Update

American Girl is rumored to be refreshing the historical lineup this year, and i have some quantity updates on a few historical items:

  • Courtney's Bedroom Set is on limited quantities, as well as Courtney Changes The Game.

  • Julie's Home Game Accessories and Accessories are on limited quantities.

  • Melody's Recording Studio and Doo-Wop Dress Up Outfit are on limited quantities, as well as No Ordinary Sound.

  • Taking Off, the second book in Maryellen's series, is on limited quantities.

  • Nanea's Two-Piece Swimsuit and Luau Dress are on limited quantities.

  • Claudie's Glitzy Sequin Gown and Capelet Outfit is on limited quantities.

  • Kaya's Mare, Steps High, Trading Feast and Tule Mat and Mini Doll, as well as The Journey Begins, are on limited quantities.

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Girl of the Year Rumors That Turned Out To Be False

Hey guys! Sorry for the post so late at night - I’m sure most of you guys won’t be seeing this until the morning tomorrow, but I figured I’d post anyway. I was thinking about some of the false rumors


although a pilgrim doll might be nice lol.

Replying to

I think a pilgrim doll would be awesome! My only thought about the outfits for a pilgrim doll would be what I believe I learned about pilgrims back when I was in school. They had very strict notions about dressing in dark, drab colors and not having more clothes than necessary. That was their way of honoring God. So, it might be a little difficult for American Girl to come up with 6 outfits, but the history we would get would be amazing!!


I really hope they don't revamp the historical line!


A bit out of context here, but would anyone know when the new AG kitchen set will be released ?


Speaking about the six-book format, Claudie's Christmas story is on a pamphlet for her green winter coat. If they do the six books, they might publish her Christmas story. This could also mean we would be getting full story. In holiday stories, the historical character deals with a problem that occurs which ultimately gets resolved by the end.

  1. Samantha - her Christmas plans get disrupted by the arrival of Cornelia

  2. Felicity - deals with her mother's illness

  3. Addy - sad that her family is separated due to slavery and won't be together during the holidays

  4. Rebecca - struggling to stay true to her Jewish heritage and making a Christmas wreath for a school project

  5. Julie - deals with the conflict…


Does anybody think they might be changing the meet outfits and accessories of dolls recently released like Claudie? I haven’t gotten her yet, going to ask for her for Christmas, but I don’t want to ask my parents to buy such a big gift now, unless they are about to change the outfit she comes in, as well as her original accessories.

Replying to

I don't think they are giving new meet outfits for the Maryellen and the historicals that come after her. This probably only applies to the historical characters created before the Beforever brand came along, like Julie, Rebecca, and Samantha. They are just probably going to be giving all the recent historical characters new outfits and items. If they are doing the six-book format, we might be seeing a school outfit or a holiday outfit.

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