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American Girl: Modern Historical Character Ideas

In ten or so years, American Girl will inevitably make a 2000s historical. Then a 2010s, then 2020s... you get the idea. As the years progress, we'll get later historicals.

I was born at the beginning of 2005, so Nicki and Isabel will probably be the last historicals from a time period before I was born. So out of boredom, here's a few concepts for historical characters AG could do!

  • The first idea is "Madison" from 2008. Her story would deal with the Great Recession and late 2000's pop culture. I imagine Madison to be African-American due to the election of Barack Obama, the first Black president, that year, and I think she'd have the Claudie mold and long curly dark brown hair.

  • Then we have "Olivia" from 2015. A total bookworm, Olivia's story would deal with the rise of Internet and fandom culture in younger generations and probably school bullying. Olivia would have 2 dads, so the legalization of same-sex marriage would be touched upon a bit. Olivia would have short blond hair, the Joss mold, and blue eyes.

  • Lastly, "Harper" from 2020. Her story would obviously deal with the Covid-19 pandemic and the effects and ramifications it had in society. Harper would come from a interracial family with Black and Asian roots, and she'd have the medium Jess mold, straight brown hair and brown eyes.

What other historical ideas do you guys have?

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