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American Girl New Items - May 2023 (WITH PICTURES)

New items are starting to be displayed at American Girl stores! These items will be put on the site on May 4.

AGDollAndAGirl took pictures of these items and allowed me to share them here!

These items can be divided in two themes: babysitting and summer.


-8 inch baby - comes in either light skin or dark skin - $26

-Crib and Sleeper - $40

-Double Stroller - $40

-Layette and High Chair - $40


-White romper with orange graphics

-Tote bag with a popsicle


Also for Bitty Baby collectors, water-safe 13-inch babies called Bitty Baby Splash are now available!

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I love the romper!

Mi piace

01 mag 2023

I don't see anything on the website yet maybe if I login. it's nice to have a baby be water proof.. water baby much lol

Mi piace

These are great! I keep having issues with getting promo emails and reward certificates. Any suggestions as to what email address they come from that I could add to my safe sender? I get texts and order confirmation emails no problem. I'm not sure what to do but always have to email customer service to get my rewards.

Mi piace
Risposta a

same here

Mi piace

Does the romper and bag/popsicle thing come together or are they separate?

Mi piace

♥️♥️♥️♥️ the babysitting things for the 18” play scale!!

Mi piace
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