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American Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick Collection!

Here’s the Joss section at the American Girl store!

Here’s the display to pose with her: this year, it’s a surfboard!

Here’s Joss with her cheer equipment and cheer practice set.

Here's the sign that says "Meet Joss Kendrick!"

Here's Joss in her cheer competition outfit and hearing aid.

Here's Joss in her Beach Vibes Outfit with her dog, Murph!

Here's a picture of Joss in her surfing gear!

Here's Joss's accessories!

Another view of her cheer equipment. (And a photobomb of my dad...)

Another Joss sign!

Joss's notebook and hearing aid case!

Some of her collection's prices.

Joss's surfing gear and her meet book.

Joss surfing with Murph!

Joss comes in both a swimsuit and a jacket/short set! This display shows off her meet outfit and accessories.

Another display of Joss in her Beach Vibes Outfit. I really adore it, I think I'll snag it for my birthday next month.

Joss hanging at the beach with Murph and a sea lion!

Joss in her cheer practice outfit and the AG Rewards exclusive jacket!

Joss in her pajamas!

Murph and her life vest.

Joss's right ear without her hearing aid.

Joss in her meet outfit and accessories!

A squad of Joss dolls in beach outfits. Left is in her Beach Vibes Outfit, the middle is in her meet outfit and accessories, and the right is in her Surf and Swim Outfit.

The meet jacket and bag for girls.

Another shot of Joss's hearing aid.

Joss in her competition gear!

Lastly, here's her cheer equipment in the box!

Next up will be a collection of opening videos of Joss, including mine!

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