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American Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick Whole World!

Today's the day, surfers! Joss Kendrick was just revealed as the 2020 Girl of the Year! Here's your peek into her whole world:

This is Joss herself! She has a brand new face mold, long brown hair, brown eyes and light skin. She comes in a blue and white jacket, a striped purple swimsuit, denim shorts and coral flip flops. She also comes with two blue and white hearing aids (she uses one, but she keeps two just in case one gets lost!), a case for them and her first book written by Erin Falligant.

These are Joss's accessories. They are a blue and pink pair of sunglasses, three dollars, a black phone with a blue case, a folder with palm trees on it, a yellow fan attached to a metal key, two 'Surf Sister' friendship bracelets, a membership card to Shine Athletics and a blue and white bag to hold it all. These retail for $30,

This is Joss's Surf and Swim Set. It comes with a swim top, swim bottoms and surf top. It also comes with a pair of matching sandals. This set retails for $28.

This is Joss's Cheer Practice Equipment. It comes with a tumbling mat, a wedge, a stunt stand, an Ace bandage, a water bottle and an ice pack. This set costs $60.

This is Joss's Bulldog with Life Vest. This set contains Murph, Joss's English bulldog and a life vest. She costs $30.

This is the Sea Lion Pup, which didn't exist in the Joss books. First the pig, now the sea lion. Will GOTY 2021's collection contain an animal that didn't exist in the books? Anyways, the sea lion costs $20.

This is Joss's Cheer Practice Outfit. It comes with a see-through tank top, a undershirt, black and blue leggings, black sandals and a green headband that Joss uses to keep her hearing aid in place. It costs $34.

This is Joss's Cheer Competition Outfit. It comes with a pink and white dress with the 'Shine Athletics' logo, white sneakers and a purple cheer bow. It costs $36.

This is Joss's Surf Board Set. It comes with a surfboard with a hand grip and the signature of Joss's favorite surfer, Tina Hart (who signed it at the end of Joss book 1), a blue towel, a tube of sunscreen, board wax and a GoPro camera. It costs $50.

This is Joss's Nfinity Cheer Backpack Set. It comes with an Nfinity backpack, a cheer bow, socks, a blush palette, a hair curler, bobby pins and a teasing comb. This set costs $40.

This is Joss's Beach Vibes Outfit. It comes with a blue tank top with a palm tree graphic, printed pants, sandals and a pink hat with Joss's emblem on it. (Fun fact: a GOTY hasn't had an emblem like this since McKenna. Glad to see it's back!) The outfit costs $35.

These are Joss's Shine Bright Pajamas. It comes with a top reading "Shine Bright", multicolored leggings and pink slippers. It costs $24.

This is the AG Rewards member exclusive Joss's Cheerleading Team Jacket. It costs $15.

This is the Catch A Wave Top for Girls, also known as Joss's Meet Jacket. It retails for $48.

There's also a girl-sized version of Joss's bag, the Woven Tassel Bag.

Like usual, there's a girl-sized version of the Shine Bright PJs. They costs $48 and I'm so jealous of all the kids who actually FIT into these... this is the first year I won't be wearing the previous GOTY's pajamas to ring in the New Year and it hurts :(

And that's the whole collection, kids!

Wait, I'm missing something?

You're right. I am. I'll give you the last thing after this Grammarly ad...


This is Joss's Volkswagen bus, her big-ticket item! It comes with the bus and what appears to be another surfboard, but knowing AG, there may be more accessories. It will release in February.

What do you think? I love Joss's collection! Since this is a scheduled post, I'm probably on the way to the AG Rewards Joss event as this is publishing. I'll get her and her accessories there, and I have a few bucks to burn from Christmas returns and AG Rewards coupons, so I'll probably purchase a combo of her surfboard, cheerleading practice outfit, pajamas or Nfinity backpack set, since I need the bobby pins for filming. I have my eyes on a few other things as well, but I'll probably wait until my birthday for those. I promise I'll update this post with more prices once I get home from the store!

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