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American Girl Sales Drop 19% in Q2 2022 (But It's Not That Bad!)

American Girl sales have dropped 19 percent in the second quarter (April, May and June) of 2022, from 40.6 million to 32.8 million. While this might sound awful for AG, putting this in perspective doesn't make things sound so bad. American Girl had it's highly-publicized and anticipated limited edition release of the original 6 American Girl dolls in May of 2021, which led to sales skyrocketing 44% over the same time period in 2020. This means that while the sales did dip from that historic high, they still increased 25 percent from this same month in 2020 (and, to add a non-pandemic year to the mix, increased 9 percent from this month in 2019).

Essentially, American Girl did so well in 2021 because of the return of the original historicals, and it's pretty good that sales only dropped this much. Let's hope Claudie does well when she releases!

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