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American Girl Store Valentine's Day Events

Valentine's Day is coming up, and American Girl is holding a few store events to celebrate!

Each store (with the exception of Los Angeles and New York) will either have a cookie or cake decorating class, where attendees can decorate their own cakes or heart-shaped cookies. The cookies will be taken home in a to-go box that can be decorated with stickers, while the cakes will come home with the "American Girl Baking" cookbook.

The Valentine's Cake Decorating will be on February 11 at all non-flagship American Girl locations.

Chicago's Valentine's Cookie Decorating event will be on February 13th.*

Instead of the dessert decorating, New York's store is having a painting party and lunch event on February 12.**

Please note that at this time, all American Girl stores are requiring face coverings. There are 2 stores with special vaccination requirements as required by local law:

*Please note that in Chicago, guests 5 and older must show proof of full vaccination (or a negative COVID test and proof of exemption for medical or religious exemptions) before attending an event.

**Please note that in New York, guests 5-11 must show proof of one vaccine dose, and guests 12 and older must show proof of full vaccination before attending an event.

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