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American Girl Zulily Sale

Several American Girl items, particularly from Courtney's collection, are up to 40% off on Zulily. Here are the list of the items:

  • Courtney's Cardigan: $14.99

  • Courtney's Fitness Outfit: $22.99

  • Courtney's Sleepover Set: $27.99

  • Courtney's Belt Bag & Watch: $12.99

  • Courtney's Hat Set for Dolls: $12.99

  • Courtney's Jacket: $15.99

  • Courtney's Leggings Set: $12.99

  • Courtney's TV & Fitness Set: $75.99

  • Courtney's Graphic T Shirt: $12.99

  • Courtney's Tights Outfit: $12.99

  • Courtney's Sunglasses: $8.99

  • Courtney's Shirt and Tie: $12.99

  • Courtney's Oversized Blazer: $14.99

  • Courtney's T-Shirt and Tank Set: $12.99

  • Courtney's Fashion Accessories: $12.99

This is the link to the sale. If you're starting your holiday shopping early, make sure to take advantage of this- Courtney fans especially!

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