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Basilmentos Is Back!

Today, Basilmentos posted her first stopmotion in three years to give an update on how her dolls are doing:

If Anna ever reads this, I just want to say how much you've inspired me throughout the years. When I was 9 years old in 2014 and started making little videos with toys to become a filmmaker, I remember watching your stopmotions and thinking about how much I wanted to be like that. I spent the next four years regularly making stopmotions as a way to practice my filmmaking, inspired by you and Rockstar13studios. I then branched out into more ways to launch a film career, pitched a TV series to major children's networks, wrote my first movie script and shopped it around to various production companies and one major studio, and made an animated webseries. But even though these days in my filmmaking I don't make many stopmotions, I have to owe it all to Anna for starting it all for me. You changed my life, Anna. Thank you so so so much.

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