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Doll of the Month April 2023: Nellie!

Nellie O'Malley won the poll for the Doll of the Month for April 2023!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Raine)

In 1904, Nellie lives in Mount Bedford, New York, with her sisters Jenny and Bridget.

Nellie is a servant girl, and she and her sisters work serving rich families like Samantha's neighbor Eddie Ryland just to get by. However, her life changes when she meets Samantha Parkington, who shows her kindness, becomes her first friend and teaches her how to read and write. Nellie grows a strong bond with Samantha, which only intensifies when Nellie and her sisters are sent to a cruel orphanage and Samantha must set off a daring plan to rescue her.

Nellie was released in September 2004 as a tie-in to the Samantha movie that was released that December. She was retired in December 2008 when she sold out as Samantha's collection retired for the first time.

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