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Doll of the Month July 2022: Kaya!

The majority of you guys voted for Kaya'aton'my, so she is July 2022's Doll of the Month!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Grace)

In 1764, Kaya lives in the Pacific Northwest (covering modern day Idaho, Washington and Oregon) with the Nimiipuu Native American tribe. Her family consists of her mother Eesta, father Toe-ta and siblings Brown Dear, Wing Feather, Sparrow and Speaking Rain.

Kaya is a active girl who loves the Earth, nature and animals. She loves riding horses, especially her horse Steps High, and strives to one day become a leader of her people. However, Kaya sometimes acts before she thinks, which leads to her being called "Magpie" due to racing horses instead of taking care of her siblings. This escalates when her sister Speaking Rain is kidnapped by an enemy tribe, but Kaya grows as a person throughout the books and eventually finds her sister.

Kaya was released in 2002 and has remained in the historical lineup ever since.

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