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Doll of the Month July 2023: Ruthie's Collection

Here is everything in Ruthie's collection:

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Jul 25, 2023

I think they should bring back all the best friend characters and add some new ones. Here is a list of which historical character could have which best friend character as a doll (some already had best friend dolls like Samantha and Kit):

  1. Kaya and Speaking Rain

  2. Felicity and Elizabeth

  3. Caroline, Lydia, and Rhonda (similar to the case with Chrissa Maxwell, Gwen Thompson, and Sonali Matthews since both Lydia and Rhonda play a significant role in Caroline's stories)

  4. Josefina and Marianna

  5. Marie-Grace and Cecile

  6. Kirsten and Singing Bird

  7. Addy and Sarah Moore

  8. Samantha and Nellie

  9. Rebecca and Ana

  10. Claudie and Nina

  11. Kit and Ruthie

  12. Nanea and Lily (I chose Lily because she has been in more focus particularly because her…


Elizabeth Vadala
Elizabeth Vadala
Jul 24, 2023

I wish she had gotten more items and clothes in her collection. Out of the Best friend dolls she had the smallest collection


Jul 24, 2023

I wish they had also done that yellow dress for Ruthie. But I like her holiday outfit and play outfit.

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