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Doll of the Month March 2023: Nanea!

Nanea Mitchell won the poll for the Doll of the Month for March 2023!

(Edit made by AGDN reader Raine)

In 1941, Nanea lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, with her 2 older siblings and parents.

Nanea loves her homeland of Hawaii and enjoys hula dancing, but she wants to prove to her family that she is mature since she is the youngest of 3 siblings. But as she journeys to prove herself, she witnesses Japanese forces attack Pearl Harbor, and Hawaii is placed under martial law as the US enters World War II. Nanea must cope with these sudden events and changes, which includes her best friend Lily's family dealing with anti-Japanese sentiment and her other friend Donna being deemed "non-essential" and having to move to California, but turns to hula in order to help the war effort and prove herself to her family.

Nanea was released in August 2017 after an early reveal in February 2017. She is still available.

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