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Doll of the Month: Molly's Collection Part 2

Here is Molly's collection from her re-release in 2022!

I'll ask you all this again - who should be Doll of the Month next month?

By the way, I'm nearly free from finals! Only have a few more tests and one more assignment to do, and then it will be summer and I'll have all the time in the world to blog about dolls!

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Tim Frau
Tim Frau
May 02

I am thankful for the engaging and well-written posts presented. Solar


Maryellen in her Cowgirl Costume.


julie since she's getting a journal next month! :D (or any of the other girls born in may!)


Justice for Nicki!


Like I said last time, it should be Maryellen! I have also decided on Julie, because of her new items. It is also Asian and Pacific Islander Month, so why not Ivy or Z (so far we have not had a single contemporary character as Doll of the Month).

I can't wait to see you post in the daytime again instead of in the evenings once your semester is over! Good luck on all your final exams!

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