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Doll of the Week: Kaya!

Kaya is the Doll of the Week this week!

Kaya was released on September 3, 2002. She has a face mold that was unique to her until 2017, long black braided hair and brown eyes. Her meet outfit is a faux deerskin dress.

Kaya lives in the Pacific Northwest in 1764 with her father Toe-ta, mother Eetsa, older sister Brown Deer, twin brothers Wing Feather and Sparrow and adopted sister Speaking Rain. In Meet Kaya, she learns a lesson that bragging isn't right when she gets a nickname, 'Magpie', for doing so. In Kaya's Escape, she and Speaking Rain were captured by an enemy village to serve as their slaves, and Kaya decided to escape. In Kaya's Hero, Kaya starts admiring a kind woman in her village and strives to be worthy of her respect. In Kaya and Lone Dog, she meets a starving lone dog who's about to have puppies, and Kaya tries to get the dog to trust her. In Kaya Shows The Way, Kaya hopes to meet up with Speaking Rain again as her tribe goes fishing for salmon- but she's also worried that she'll lose Brown Deer once she marries a boy. Lastly, in Changes for Kaya, she is threatened with a fire while she looks for her missing horse, Steps High.

Kaya was the first historical character with book titles that deviated from the normal naming pattern. Kaya was also the last doll that Pleasant Rowland had involvement in creating.

Kaya is still available.

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