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Doll of the Week: Kit!

Kit is the Doll of the Week this week!

Kit was released in August 2000. She has the Classic face mold, blond short hair, blue eyes, and freckles- which she was the first doll to have. Her meet outfit was a pink cardigan and shirt and a flower-printed skirt from 2000 until 2014 and a blue dress from 2014 on.

Margaret Mildred, who goes by Kit, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her dad Jack, mom Margaret and brother Charlie during the Great Depression in 1932.

In Meet Kit, her life is turned around when her dad is fired from his job and her house starts taking in boarders to make ends meet. In Kit Learns A Lesson, the Thanksgiving pageant at school is ruined due to a fight Kit gets into- which makes her realize the true affect of the Great Depression. In Kit's Surprise, Kit has to do errands for her rich and mean Uncle Hendrick to pay the electric bill in her house. In Happy Birthday, Kit, her birthday seems like a failure when her Aunt Millie comes to town and throws her a penny-pincher party, but it turns out to be enjoyable. In Kit Saves The Day, Kit meets a hobo named Will and goes on an adventure with him, which leads to trouble. Finally, in Changes for Kit, after donating her coat to the homeless, Kit decides to use the power of her reporting talent to make change happen in her community.

Kit was cubed in 2019.

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