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Five Fun Facts About Kit Kittredge

Kit's collection will return in just six days! To commemorate this, here's five fun facts about Kit:

  1. Kit was the first American Girl doll to have freckles.

  2. Kit was the first, and so far, only American Girl doll to have a movie released in theaters. The 2008 movie was called Kit Kittredge: An American Girl and starred Abigail Breslin as Kit.

  3. Kit's best friend is named Ruthie and was sold as a doll from 2008 to 2014.

  4. Kit was originally supposed to have longer, curly hair, but this was changed to make her the first character doll with short hair.

  5. Kit was marketed as being from 1934 for quite some time, but Kit's stories actually begin in 1932 and her final story, Changes for Kit, takes place in the beginning of 1934.

Who else here loves Kit? Kit was my second American Girl doll, so I cannot wait for her return to the main AG lineup.

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