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Girl of the Year 2020 Joss Kendrick Storyline!

Today, the plotlines for Joss's stories released! Here they are:

Book One:

"When the surf's up, she pops out her hearing aid, hops on her board and paddles out to the lineup. Joss is stoked to enter a surfing video contest with her friend Sofia and Murph, the surfing bulldog. If she can master a killer aerial like the frontside air and get her brother Dylan to catch it on video, maybe she'd even have a shot at winning. But Dylan throws her a curve: he dares her to try out for the cheer team. No way--Joss can't see herself as a cheerleader ... She's 100% surfer girl, and Dylan knows it! Still, if she takes him up on his dare, then maybe he'll help her with the video. It's worth a try, right?"

Book Two (Joss: Touch The Sky):

"Joss Kendrick is always looking for new ways to soar. So when her cheer team needs a new flyer, she can't wait to step up (literally). Her high-flying skills on her surfboard and skateboard make her a natural for the role. But when her skateboarding act at the talent show turns into a total catastrophe--make that a dog-tastrophe--Joss loses her confidence all around, even at the cheer gym. A big cheer competition is coming up fast, though, and her team is depending on her to nail a tricky stunt. If only Joss could trust them not to drop her. She wants to do an easier stunt, but if she plays it safe, can her team still win? And if they don't, will her team ever forgive her?"

What do you think, guys? I'm kinda conflicted. I like this story better than Blaire's, and I like the disabled representation and themes, but the idea of giving into peer pressure and her problems being limited to cheer stuff kinda turns me off. Depending on the execution, she'll either be on the middle tier or the lower tier of GOTYs for me.

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Congrats Sydney 2019. , you’re right.

Me gusta

She sounds like an interesting character, though I'm getting complete McKenna vibes from her. McKenna broke her leg and lost confidence...this girl goes through a similar thing with cheerleading. The only difference is she is deaf. Oh least she's not another dancer...

Me gusta

22 dic 2019

her stories sound great! :D

Me gusta

Ugh why can't she just be a cheerleader?! They've already had a surfer :(

Me gusta

13 dic 2019

This sounds even more boring than Blaire's books. The second one is kinda believable but uninteresting but the first one is just plain ridiculous. She's doing sth she doesn't wan't just because her brother is the only person in the world who's capable of making videos? Seems to me like Joss is a girl who can be convinced into anything and doing things just for other people's amusement. Can these books get more generic?

Me gusta
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