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Happy Belated Birthdays, Ivy and Marie-Grace!

I feel awful. I just realized that Monday was Ivy's birthday and Thursday was Marie-Grace's birthday... and I forgot about BOTH OF THEIR BIRTHDAYS. Oops.

To ensure this never happens again, I put every AG doll's birthday on my phone calendar so it will remind me to post on those days! Sorry for forgetting, guys.

But anyway, happy belated birthdays to Ivy and Marie-Grace! Ivy was born in 1966, so she is now 56, and Marie-Grace was born in 1843, so she is now 179!

Blaire's birthday is next. That's March 18, so if my phone doesn't remind me or if I forget again, you guys can all yell at me. These past 2 weeks have been a whirlwind with the new release and my movie stuff, but that's no excuse for me to forget about AG birthdays! I feel absolutely awful, so when I see Katie (my Ivy doll) and Marie-Grace next time I visit my dad's house, they're both getting hugs.

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