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Happy Late Birthday, Kaya!

Yesterday is August 15, the day that American Girl likes to commemorate as Kaya's birthday. I thought my blog would automatically post for it since I programmed it for all of the dolls's birthdays, but for some reason Kaya's didn't go through! I feel so bad for Kaya, because I love her, but to celebrate a day later, here's some fun facts about Kaya and her birthday!

  • Kaya'aton'my is Kaya's full name. In Nimiipuu, the name of Kaya's Native American tribe, it means 'She Who Arranges Rocks'.

  • Since Kaya's story is set before European settlers colonized the part of America she lived on, Kaya doesn't live in a specific state. The present day Nimiipuu, or Nez Perce, people currently live on a reservation in Idaho, but they lived across the entire Pacific Northwest region before colonization.

  • In accordance to the Nimiipuu tribal custom of not showing your teeth when you smile, Kaya's mold was customly sculpted to have her mouth closed.

  • Development of Kaya, who was released in 2002, started in 1997, five years before her release.

  • This was the last doll to be worked on by Pleasant Rowland before she retired from American Girl in 2000.

  • Kaya was the first American Girl doll to break from the standard naming custom for Central Series books.

  • Kaya's designated birthday, August 15, was also the day in 2002 that the doll and her collection was presented to the Nez Perce tribe.

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